Reasons to Consider


A collector may simply want to possess the worlds finest. Some demand the very best and Northwest Africa 5000 represents this with a near flawless 24.8 out of a possible 25 appraisal/survey rating and a perfect independent evaluation score of 10+++++. No other specimen in the world can compare; the previous record holding lunar meteorite achieved a score of 21. A highly qualified, and experienced appraiser puts it far ahead of all other noteworthy meteorites in value, at a conservative $7,286,400.00. We can only imagine how high the appraisal would have been during a healthy economy, perhaps over $12,000,000.00.


There may be a great tax incentive and legacy attached to this specimen for would be benefactors. Unlike donations that go to name a wing of a museum or other civic building, this Moon rock will virtually last forever whereas a building�s life may be numbered in mere decades. Northwest Africa 5000 is billions of years old, making it the ultimate survivor. It would symbolize a national treasure no matter where it is displayed; automatically representing the key piece in any natural history collection insuring a benefactor�s legacy. The proper IRS appraisal protocols were followed and the notarized appraisal/IRS forms are included.


Northwest Africa 5000 could provide limitless promotional opportunities to a business, be it an aerospace company, software corporation, casino, high-tech mall or any other preeminent concern. Promotional claims would include that this piece is the dimensionally largest Moon rock on planet Earth. It currently weighs more than any specimen in the NASA Apollo collection. It is the number one appraised/rated lunar meteorite in the world guaranteeing the constructive attention businesses very much seek. Imagine the foot traffic and positive press it could create.


Makers of the finest jewelry could integrate this outstanding material into watches, broaches, necklaces, bracelets or rings. This lunar meteorite is much more trouble-free to work with than diamonds and is millions of times rarer. The aesthetic qualities are unsurpassed; no two pieces would look alike. There is no established price per carat so a jewelry maker could set their own. It could provide a company with a fresh new product line that would be difficult for competitors to battle with. Everybody is looking for something innovative to set themselves apart in a tough economy. The Moon has always been romanticized, be it now or in ancient times. It could be possible for clients to give their loved ones a cherished piece of the Moon, which really is forever.